A blueprint for next-generation battery manufacturing

We are developing a blueprint for next-generation lithium-ion battery manufacturing that is fundamentally different to conventional battery production facilities. With a concept leveraging scale, vertical integration and automated manufacturing, we seek to push the boundaries of battery performance, quality and cost.

While the Northvolt blueprint is geared for technological excellence, it is rooted in a commitment to sustainability. Clean energy will power battery cell manufacturing, circular systems will be embedded into our processes and effective recycling solutions will be delivered to recover materials from end-of-life batteries and redirect them back into manufacturing.

Vertical integration

Compared to traditional lithium-ion battery manufacturers, our production process spans across many portions of the value chain and Northvolt gigafactories are designed to achieve optimal scale benefits. This approach provides us a structurally lower cost level and also allows for a high degree of cost and quality control.

Northvolt Ett

Our first large-scale battery factory is being established in Skellefteå in northern Sweden. Northvolt Ett will serve as Northvolt’s primary site for manufacturing of active material, cell assembly, recycling and auxiliaries. The factory is powered by 100 percent clean energy. Large-scale manufacturing will commence in 2021 and annual capacity will ramp up to at least 32 GWh by 2024, with the potential to expand to 40 GWh in the future.

Interested in moving to Skellefteå or do you have rental space that could benefit future Northvolters? Read more here.

Northvolt Zwei

The Northvolt–Volkswagen Group Joint Venture is establishing a battery factory in Salzgitter, Lower Saxony, Germany. Northvolt Zwei takes its design from the Northvolt blueprint for battery manufacturing developed for Northvolt Ett. Start of construction is slated for 2021, and start of operations scheduled for early 2024. Initial annual output will be 16 GWh.

Northvolt Labs

Our demonstration manufacturing line and research facility is located in Västerås, 100 kilometers west of Stockholm. Northvolt Labs is used to qualify and industrialize battery cells and manufacturing processes together with our customers. Once cells are ready for mass production, they will be produced at Northvolt Ett. As of December 2019, Northvolt Labs is producing cells and ramping up to an annual capacity of 350 MWh per year.

Northvolt R&D

Our smallest facility is also one of our most valuable. Northvolt R&D is built for cell design concept validation and is located in Västerås, Sweden. Outfitted with all the capacities necessary for Northvolt to develop, manufacture and validate Li-ion materials and cells, the facility has been online since spring 2019.

Northvolt Battery Systems Jeden

Our facility for battery module and energy storage system assembly has been established in Gdańsk, Poland. Northvolt Battery Systems Jeden hosts state-of-the-art production capacities, and also serves as an R&D platform for industrializing battery solutions. As of spring 2019, the facility is in production and ramping up to 10,000 modules/year.